Fabric Flowers for the Hair

I have been making fabric flowers using different kind of fabrics some of which looks more natural while some is more elegant. I couldn't wait to turn them into head bands and took some pictures.

I wish I had a live model and a good camera. No need to a photographer; I believe I can take some pretty good photos..:)

It's been a strong wish since some time; you know the times when you just want to throw the camera into the wall when you're trying to shoot your items. And it makes a huge difference when you display them on a model and if you do it with a good camera and a good light..What more could you want?
Maybe when I put them in the shop I can give the alternative to turn them into a headband, hair clip or a brooch..
Still I am looking for ways to improve them..Can I add something to them, like leaves, feathers? Or should I add a smaller one near the big one? Or maybe they are just fine the way they are.
If you re also interested in making fabric flowers I have a "how to make a lotus flower" recipe which I am going to write here in another post.


Celebrate Originality

These sure speak for themselves.
I took the photos in Eminonu.

There are more to come..soon.

By the way, Adibos seems like the copy of Adinos..:)))