Fabric Flowers for the Hair

I have been making fabric flowers using different kind of fabrics some of which looks more natural while some is more elegant. I couldn't wait to turn them into head bands and took some pictures.

I wish I had a live model and a good camera. No need to a photographer; I believe I can take some pretty good photos..:)

It's been a strong wish since some time; you know the times when you just want to throw the camera into the wall when you're trying to shoot your items. And it makes a huge difference when you display them on a model and if you do it with a good camera and a good light..What more could you want?
Maybe when I put them in the shop I can give the alternative to turn them into a headband, hair clip or a brooch..
Still I am looking for ways to improve them..Can I add something to them, like leaves, feathers? Or should I add a smaller one near the big one? Or maybe they are just fine the way they are.
If you re also interested in making fabric flowers I have a "how to make a lotus flower" recipe which I am going to write here in another post.


Celebrate Originality

These sure speak for themselves.
I took the photos in Eminonu.

There are more to come..soon.

By the way, Adibos seems like the copy of Adinos..:)))


Designing a Business Card- Kartvizit Tasarımı

I have designed a business card for me and my mom's shop matching with the color and font of the shop's banner. And I put photos of some items from my shop on the back of the card.

So I had an image of how I would like it. I wanted the original logo of the website to be on the left corner-that way I thought it would look more professional- like the name of the company :-)Under it writes my shop's name- see the lemon among? it is for the letter "o". Because it means lemon green :-)) I would like to thank my dear friend Melih for this cutest idea.

In the middle writes our names, and website address. And above writes our motto.

You can freely use the same format to design yours!

Annem ve benim dükkanımız için bir kartvizit tasarladım. Kartın renk olarak ismimizle uyumlu şekilde limon yeşili renginde olmasını ve font olarak da yine bannerdaki fonttan olmasını özellikle istedim. Bu arada bannerımızı hazırlayan arkadaşım Melih'e buradan tekrar teşekkür ediyorum. Çok içime sinen ve çok sevimli bir banner yaptı benim için. "Limon"daki o harfi yerine limon koymuş olmasına ise diyecek söz bulamıyorum :-)) Daha şirin olamazdı. Tabi ben bunları aynen kartvizitte de kullanmak istedim.

Sol üstte sitenin orijinal logosunu koydum. Sanki böyle daha profesyonel görünüyor-şirket ismi gibi :-)

Ortada annem ve benim isimlerimiz, altta ise dükkan sloganımız (bannerımızda da aynı şekilde yazıyor)

Kartın arkasına ise bazı ürünlerin fotoğraflarını koydum.

Kadıköy'de 100 tanesini 40 TL'ya bastılar. Biraz tuzlu mu oldu bilmiyorum?! :) Araştırılarak daha ucuzu bulunabilir belki. Ama ben sonuçtan çok memnunum. Özellikle ürün fotoğraflarının kalitesinde hiçbir bozulma yok-ki en çok ondan endişe ediyordum.

And this is the back. I picked my favorite items of both of us! :)

Bu da kartın arka yüzü. Annemin ve benim en sevdiğim işlerimizden seçtim. :)


Ribbon Embroidery

Here are some ribbon embroidery samples my mother did for me to hang up on my wall when I get married! That means it is part of my "çeyiz". I think I'm going to give a little bit of information on this later. But now, here are the ribbon embroideries witing to be framed :)

There are 3 more in different designs which she considers to sell in her Etsy shop but we have a crisis deciding on what we should transfer them into. Pillows, frame, wall hang..or what? We should also consider in which way it can be sold best..as a pillow or wall hang?


Who Wouldn't Like a Canon?

Furkan is a Turkish artist who is "wandering with a lot of compositions in his mind" as he describes, but could never afford a Canon to fit them in an image. Then he started to think if he can't collect the money, he could collect the people who wanted the same thing to make his wish come true. So he is taking pictures of portraits of Istanbul, with his message in their hands: "Canon see him!"

He started his journey to take 2010 photos for a Canon and has taken 1500 portraits so far. You can see his journey in his blog here. By the way, I'll e-mail him to let him know about my blogpost and to ask where he is planning to take shoots through this week!!

Edit: He answered my e-mail superfast and told me he works in Mecidiyeköy and that it would be a pleasure for him to take a shoot if I can be around there on weekdays.


DIY Gift Box Tutorial

I came across to a DIY Gift Box Tutorial here and I tried it. It was an easy tutorial and it came out beautiful. You can see the result here in my previous post. But while I was doing it I realized I didn't have to bother this much fold-open moves and came up with an easier one. Here is the tutorial- with tones of pictures in place of words which might be deficient due to my English.
I am giving the measurements that I tried but you can change them for a box in different dimensions and sorry to explain it in metric standards but you know, it's not important at all! Just follow the instructions. (In case you need: 1 cm: 0.39 inch 1inch: 2.54 cm)
Here are the materials: Cardboard (thicker comes out better), scissors, glue, ruler, pencil, a piece of paper, embellishments
1. You will cut two different sizes of square cardboards for the box and its cover.
2. The perfect the squares are, the perfect the result is.
3. Cut a square cardboard measuring 20.5*20.5 cm (This is for the box)
4. Draw a square right on the middle of the cardboard measuring 8.5*8.5 cm as in the picture below. (means 6 cm inside from all the edges.) I hope the black lines are visible enough!
5. Cut another square cardboard for the cover measuring 19*19 cm (it is smaller than the one for the box because that way the cover will come out shorter than the box and will be easy to take of while opening- experience speaking! :)

6. Draw a square right on the middle of the cardboard measuring 9*9 cm (means 5 cm inside from all edges)
7. It is the same both for the box and cover after here.
8. Cut until the edge of the square inside- where the end of the scissors is as seen in the picture below)

9. Fold it clearly like this, following the lines.

10. Cut on the line near it as seen in the picture below.

11. Fold on the lines as below.

12. Cut and fold across them just the same. You can see below.

13. Now fold the right and left following the edges of the square inside as seen below.

14. Here is what it looks like when you all gather them.

15. Glue the ears (this is how I call them) inside. Put a piece of white paper under them while gluing so that you can glue the edges better without dirt around it. See below.

16. Paste them as in the previous picture where all of the "ears" are gathered.

17. Embellish :)

Just before I wrote this post I saw a thread in Etsy Forum asking whether anyone does DIY gift boxes and I think I need opinions on this one. I got a cardboard in this color because my Etsy shop is called "Derin Mavi" which means deep blue in English. So I wanted it to be matching. And I thought evil eye beads were suitable for embelishments because they are also blue and something from Turkish culture. Do you think it came out nice to send package to a customer? Or would you be turned off when you saw it? Should I add or change something?


Recently on my Online Business

I have another shop in Dawanda I opened a couple of months ago. I am trying to promote as much as I can to make a sale there as well. (Haven't made the first one yet!) While I was browsing on Internet at 2 a.m on a sleepless night, I was shocked to see one of my necklaces on front page when I opened the homepage of Dawanda. So I saved the screen, here it is :-) The second on top left:

Oh, there was an Etsian who asked for wholesale prices for two of my earrings in June to sell in her own handmade items website that she set up recently and was trying to develope. I have just got a message from her telling they sold both of them and asking whether they were one of a kind or not to place an order for more! First of all of course I am glad they did sell but not because it means an upcoming order for me, because they were both my own designs. I mean, I am not a designer (professionally). I don't have a degree on design at university. But I am designing since I can remember, I love colors, materials, esthetic. This is obviously because of my mother because yes, she IS a professional designer :-) It's the genes obviously :-))

And these are the two earrings she sold on her website: (I liked how she called them there!)

"Silk Road Earrings"

"Grappa Earrings"

You should check her website. Full of all handmade, original and adorable items. You can reach here.