Who Wouldn't Like a Canon?

Furkan is a Turkish artist who is "wandering with a lot of compositions in his mind" as he describes, but could never afford a Canon to fit them in an image. Then he started to think if he can't collect the money, he could collect the people who wanted the same thing to make his wish come true. So he is taking pictures of portraits of Istanbul, with his message in their hands: "Canon see him!"

He started his journey to take 2010 photos for a Canon and has taken 1500 portraits so far. You can see his journey in his blog here. By the way, I'll e-mail him to let him know about my blogpost and to ask where he is planning to take shoots through this week!!

Edit: He answered my e-mail superfast and told me he works in Mecidiyeköy and that it would be a pleasure for him to take a shoot if I can be around there on weekdays.

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