Ribbon Embroidery

Here are some ribbon embroidery samples my mother did for me to hang up on my wall when I get married! That means it is part of my "çeyiz". I think I'm going to give a little bit of information on this later. But now, here are the ribbon embroideries witing to be framed :)

There are 3 more in different designs which she considers to sell in her Etsy shop but we have a crisis deciding on what we should transfer them into. Pillows, frame, wall hang..or what? We should also consider in which way it can be sold best..as a pillow or wall hang?


  1. hi,
    ur mum's works look so lovely!
    I have no experience with etsy before but I guess you can put "customizable" label on image and allow purchasers to request customization from you..possible ?..I hope I used right word with "customization" :)
    btw, do you ship your products from Turkey to other countries ?
    if so, what is your solution to higher shipment charges ?

    As "çeyiz" term, I also have difficulty in defining "bohça" term in english on my blog :)
    I decided to use "wrap"..what is your suggestion ?

  2. Hi Hifa, thanks for your lovely comments! First of all it is a great idea to make it optional by putting customizable label. But I don't know how I can promote it..

    About the shipping prices, I ship a package weighing 200-250 gr. for $5 with Turkish Postal Service (PTT). Most of the Turkish sellers on Etsy ships via PTT and they are pretty glad with the prices and the service.

    I really don't have the slightest idea on how I can call it, but wrap sounds fine to me. We can still think on some other term which can define it better maybe? :)