"Packaging Says Something About You"

For those who are selling their handmade items online: I have just read this great article in "Etsy Storque" about "Packaging and Shipping" and got angry with myself having made the same mistake of undarvaluing something. If you also want to fix your mistake like I did, here's the article: Service Tips for Sellers: Packaging and Shipping

The package belongs to celestefrittata's shop.


"13 Things You Couldn't Pay Me to Buy"

Here's an article I found here

13 Things You Couldn't Pay Me to Buy
Easy money-saving tips that will get you thinking thrifty…while still having fun.

Go ahead. Just try me. Send me a blank check (made payable to "Jeff Yeager, The Green Cheapskate") and see if I succumb to the social pressures to buy any of the following:

1. "Green" household cleaners - Do you know about baking soda and vinegar?

2. A suit that costs more than $200 - As Warren Buffett said, "I buy expensive suits. They just look cheap on me." And at a thrift store, $200 will buy you a closet full of suits.

3. A cell phone - Pay to ruin the quality of my life?

4. Bottled water - News Flash: Bottled water may be unsafe, and definitely a waste of money and resources. Hate to say it, but I told you so.

5. A riding lawn mower - The only thing wider than the expanse of your grass, is the expanse of your ... If you're going to have a lawn at all, at least mow it with a push mower.

6. A Hummer - The new definition of "so un-cool."

7. A gym membership - Buy a used bicycle at the thrift store and pedal it on over to cancel your gym membership. Then ride it to work and on local errands.

8. Any pet that's not adopted - Adopt a stray from your local animal shelter, and be sure to have your dogs and cats spayed or neutered.

9. A powerboat or Jet Ski - I'll take my canoe or kayak, and the peace and quiet of being out on the water, any day.

10. A bottle of wine that costs more than $8 - A study showed that if you serve most people cheap wine and tell them it's expensive, they say they like it much better. So lie.

11. A tanning bed - I'll get my skin cancer the old fashioned way (or not) by spending time outside, in the sun. At least it's free.

12. A GPS - Another expensive device to let us use our brains less. Map reading and orienteering are important life skills...and what fun would life be if you don't sometimes get lost along the way?

13. Any piece of clothing that displays the name of the designer/brand - If you want to advertise on my body, you'll have to pay me, not the other way around.

So, how did I do? Send your comments (on the backside of a blank check) to "Jeff Yeager, The Green Cheapskate." Or comment below.

Jeff Yeager is the author of the book The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches. His Website is http://www.ultimatecheapskate.com/.

Well, I guess most of the people will say that all 13 topics depend on your conditions. It's true. Cell phone is definitely necessary especially if you have kids or a GPS helps you save gas when you are looking for an address. But, this article definitely makes us think about our habits, the conception of "need", the phenemonen of "modern life" and its effects on us.

I Should Have Thought of That!

"Bad Table" link

When I see a design I like, I always think about the process of how it was created, especially when it's a simple "but" adorable idea. Do you also think like "It's so simple, nothing complicated about it, but why couldn't I think of that..?" Yeah, but somebody did and it came out awesome!!

"Falling Bookend" link

I remember reading somewhere that "bringing things together that look like they have nothing to do with each other" is what fires the creativity.
I love sharing "cool designs" so there's always more to come in this blog!
"Tealight Pendant Light" link
"Someone's Cup" link

There's even better:

"Dirty Mug" link


Delicate Beauty: Needlelace (Oya)

I am a big fan of needlelace- and traditional clothing in general. I will make posts of needlelace samples I come across around or online from time to time. Needlelace is a traditional Turkish handcraft made to decorate cloths. I will start with some of them I saw two weeks ago in the "Mobile Turkish Culture House" built in Taksim Park where the "European Capital of Culture Istanbul Gathering of World Cultures and Youth" organization was held with guests from 20 countries for one week.

The woman I talked with in the "house" showed me needlelace decorated scarves and brooches which she collected from all over Anatolia. All of them were at least 30 years old and there were even 80 year-old ones. This pink&yellow flowered one on top is a bride's crown and 50 years old. Isn't it just beautiful?


Sea Gulls on my Sweater

I liked this idea I saw on a blog so much and decided that moment to do it. It came out just how I wanted. Here's how I did for those who want to try:

-I drew the birds myself since I didn't have a pattern sample.

-A plain white or white fabric with little patterns on (like flowered) results better on a dark colored cloth. First I cut the birds out of a flowered red fabric but it didn't have that effect. I guess they look like sea gulls that way so white looks better.

-I made them smallest to biggest, and stitched the smallest begining from the shoulder, that way the birds look like they are coming from distant creating a perspective.

-There are three birds on the original one but I made four, you can increase it if you like!

-First I tried to stitch them on the sweater directly but the threads on the edges came off as the pieces are very small. So I fixed an interfacing. You can find interfacing in fabric stores. It is a supply which is fixed in the back of the fabric by ironing and keeps the fabric stable.
(First I drew the birds on the fabric, cut them out and then placed them on the interfacing)

Place the pieces face up on the shiny face of the interfacing and iron it. Warning:put a fabric under the interface while ironing, or it sticks to the surface you are ironing on.
-After ironing, remove the fabric you had put under. The interfacing sticked to the reverse side of the birds.
- Cut the birds out again.

-If you don't fix the birds with a pin while stitching them on the sweater, they slip and change direction unnoticed.
-Please send the results if you try, I will be happy to post here!
-Good luck! :)