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I have another shop in Dawanda I opened a couple of months ago. I am trying to promote as much as I can to make a sale there as well. (Haven't made the first one yet!) While I was browsing on Internet at 2 a.m on a sleepless night, I was shocked to see one of my necklaces on front page when I opened the homepage of Dawanda. So I saved the screen, here it is :-) The second on top left:

Oh, there was an Etsian who asked for wholesale prices for two of my earrings in June to sell in her own handmade items website that she set up recently and was trying to develope. I have just got a message from her telling they sold both of them and asking whether they were one of a kind or not to place an order for more! First of all of course I am glad they did sell but not because it means an upcoming order for me, because they were both my own designs. I mean, I am not a designer (professionally). I don't have a degree on design at university. But I am designing since I can remember, I love colors, materials, esthetic. This is obviously because of my mother because yes, she IS a professional designer :-) It's the genes obviously :-))

And these are the two earrings she sold on her website: (I liked how she called them there!)

"Silk Road Earrings"

"Grappa Earrings"

You should check her website. Full of all handmade, original and adorable items. You can reach here.

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